TKB Credit Management Software: TRUST IT

TRUST IT is a credit management software tool from TKB to manage your entire credit-management process in your company.

TRUST IT provides every aspect related to daily credit-management activities. TRUST IT supports the entire collection process of outstanding customer-invoices. Think about sending payment reminders, follow up actions, registration of conversations with customers and the agreements that have been made, call requests, sending copies of invoices, credit rating of your customers. Also handing over claims to collection-partners is an option. Everything your company needs, to roll out a firm and solid credit-management policy, is facilitated by TRUST IT.

TRUST IT helps your company to reduce credit-risks, it will improve DSO-KPI’s, it contributes improving healthy cashflow- and working-capital positions. The dashboards of TRUST IT make it really efficient to track and analyze the business performance in multiple area’s. The credit-collectors use several dashboard functionalities for managing all their actions, commitments and disputes. The management is able to see all the aging KPI’s, risk percentages to have a quick intelligent company overview what you normally expect from a business intelligence tool. Finance is even able to measure risks and book provisions into their balance sheet and profit & loss based on the business insights given by TRUST IT on customer -and invoice-level.

Summarized: TRUST IT will save a lot of time for your employees, it will help to manage your credit management process from A to Z, and it will improve your cash-flow and working capital positions. Working capital is key nowadays for companies. If you are interested send us an e-mail please:

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